MaxImpact™ CBD has 3X more Relief than typical CBD for   Pain Relief Calming Sleep Wellness

CBD can help with pain relief, calming, sleep and general wellness. MaxImpact™ CBD uses a premium isolate ingredient (no THC nor hallucinogenic), optimum delivery forms, and a proprietary absorption science. Simply, much greater absorption means much greater relief.


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CBD Products

Premium ingredients need to be delivered with effective delivery forms. We use two forms. Our premium softgels are easy to take and start absorbing in 10 minutes to your whole body including the areas needing help.  Our topical creams starts immediately but in a different manner starting from the skin layer and into the body. For pain sometimes both forms types are used. (no gummies, tinctures or vapes found here!).

for PAIN, relaxation, SLEEP, WELLNESS

cbd soft gels

Our MaxImpact™ CBD Soft Gels are our flagship product and an excellent all around wellness option. It’s the product we got into this to develop and we’re proud to say it is the best all around CBD product money can buy. It works for sleep, pain, relaxation and a host of everyday issues. If you’re going to take a pill every day to improve your life – this is it.


CBD Topical cream

 Our MaxImpact™ topical creams allow you to immediately address localized pain from a dermal basis and can be complimentary to using our soft gel CBD to address pain. Our creams are designed to work fast, providing near immediate relief. We have everyone from performance athletes to grandparents tell us that this helps, and we think you’ll agree. 

After severely injuring my right knee in a fall I was taking ibuprofen for the swelling, inflammation, and pain. The lining of my stomach was irritated by it so in seeking an alternative I was introduced to MaxImpact™ High Absorption CBD. The pain and damage to my knee was mitigated with zero side effects or irritation. I take one capsule in the morning and prefer it to Ibuprofen.

Brock N

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