Dr. Joette Giovinco joins Advisory Board for Supplements With ScienceTM, maker of the new unique fast absorption MaxImpact™ CBD.

Jun 11, 2022 | Press Releases

CBD (no THC added) can help with Pain, Calming, and Sleep. 

Made in USA. 3rd party tested.

ATLANTA, GA – Supplements With Science (“SWS”) announces that Dr. Joette Giovinco (“Dr. Joette”)  has joined the Board of Advisors. SWS makes MaxImpactTM CBD which offers the best high absorption CBD on the market. SWS says internal tests (not a claim) show their softgel CBD has 3 times faster absorption in the first 30 minutes versus normal CBD, up to 3 times greater absorption during a 8 hour dosage period, and resists degradation due to stomach acids. The topical CBD also offers high absorption.

Many people claim CBD helps relieve body and joint pain and also helps with calming and sleep. It can also help with workout recovery, headaches, hangovers, PMS, feet issues, and even bug bites. Maximum relief is achieved by offering the best absorption through two methods. First MaxImpactTM uses the best-in-class delivery system of only soft gels and topicals. Gummies have sugar, additives, take 30-60 minutes to digest, and have inaccurate dosing. Tinctures have challenges to deliver exact amount of drops, can be messy, and has a bad taste. Vape pens, which is harmful to brains and lungs, has inexact dosing, and awkward to use. Second, and most importantly, the CBD is wrapped in a proprietary coating that gives it faster absorption, greater absorption, and perhapa most importantly prevents degradation by stomach acids.  

According to Harvard Health August 21, 2021 article, titled “The endocannabinoid system (“ECS”): Essential and mysterious”, says Dr Grinspoon, a primary care physician, educator, and cannabis specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School, “We are truly at the dawn of an age of discovery of the ECS and the development of new medicines that may help alleviate some of the cruelest diseases that people (and animals) suffer from. I am incredibly excited to see what discoveries await us as we continue to untangle the mysteries of the ECS.”

Says Dr. Joette Giovinco, of Dr. Joette LLC,  “as a medical Doctor and investigative TV reporter, I was familiar with the GW Pharma studies where CBD was FDA-approved and successfully formulated for addressing epilepsy. MaxImpact™, while a nutraceutical, is also formulated in a pharmaceutical manner. I’ve seen firsthand many friends and family members as well as patients from Doctor offices state this CBD is very beneficial and or best they’re tried.”

Says Drew Edwards, CEO, “People are overwhelmed with thousands of CBD brands where most have poor quality ingredients. FDA and health organization’s reports (i.e. John Hopkins 07/20/22) show many products are mislabeled with wrong ingredients, wrong amounts, make false claims, use poor quality of CBD, or have little or no CBD in them. MaxImpact™ is simply a premium CBD product that offers the fastest absorption which in turn offers the fastest relief.”

Says David Keim, owner of Imballa Massage and Spa, and cancer survivor, “The MaxImpact CBD pharma-grade quality is clearly above other CBDs. Not only does our Spa sell it but my 84 year old mother and myself use it. Repeat buyers say it all.” Says Colleen Sugden, a Naples-based luxury resort property manager. “I have pain but I’ve been wary of using CBD because there are too many makers and Claims. MaxImpact is a serious science-based product and helps me, my family and now my friends. Most of us had tried CBD before with no luck.” 

SWS is a supporter of cancer causes as CBD is sometimes used for pain relief for radiation and  chemo patients. CBD is also claimed by various studies to lower Cortisol which is partially caused by mental and physical stress. Reportedly a cortisol spit test is a leading marker for identifying incidence of 5 year cancer relapse.

About SWS

Supplements with Science LLC is the leading manufacturer of science-based rapid absorption premium CBD. The company is located in Atlanta, Georgia. www.SupplementsWithScience.com

About Dr. Joette Giovinco

Dr. Joette has 30 years experience as a practicing Medical Doctor and medical investigative TV journalist in Southwest/Central Florida. Dr. Joette is President of Doctor Joette LLC.  www.DrJoette.com.

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