Frequently asked questions

Have a question? Want to learn more about Supplements with Science? We have answers to some of the common questions. Feel free to reach out today if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for here. 

Will MaxImpact CBD get me high? Can I drive etc..?

No, CBD does not get you high and it is medicinal like a “natural form” of aspirin. It is non-hallenagenic.

Does MaxImpact CBD contain THC or marijuana?

No. We use a premium CBD “isolate” which means it has been extreme filtered to remove all other ingredients distilled from the cannabis leaf. CBD products are legally allowed to have up to 0.3% per the 2018 federal farm bill but we have 0%.

Does NoWait Delta 8 contain THC or marijuana?

Yes. Delta is a form of THC as it has 8 carbon bonds (thius “Delta 8”) and THC or marijuana has 9 Carbon bonds (scientist call it Delta 9”).

What is “hemp” versus “marijuana”?

Hemp has up to 0.3% THC (marijuana) but an “ISOLATE” is filtered to have just CBD and no THC or torah ingredients.

What do I use CBD for and what do I use Delta8 for?

Please see our charts but CBD is mainly for pain calming, and sleep and also workout recovery, headaches, woman cramps, etc… Delta 8 is mainly for a semi mood enhancer (a half high but smoother) or a natural version of a sleep aid as it relaxes the mind (CBD helps with sleep but relaxes whol;e body).

How do I take it? How much?

This is a personal journey. Some people take a little and small take a lot. Some take when needed, some take daily. Always best to go “low and slow” or small dosages over periods of time. Then you can increase dosage and frequency. Standard dosages of products are 25mg. But for Delta 8 Under Tongue Strips it is easy to snap the strip in half to make a 12.5mg dose.

Why is MaxImpact about 3x better due to 3x absorption?

CBD is helpful but you only slowly absorb about 10%. If you can rapidly absorb it and get to about 30% then in short it is 3x better. One hidden aspect of our CBD is that it avoids stomach acids which means you get a undamaged version of CBD in your small intestines where absorption occurs. This is also meaningful.

What are under tongue tabs so powerful?

These are sublingual which means the absorb almost immediately under the tongue versus swallowing into the stomach where ingredients are subject to stomach acid degradation and different digestion process.

How is CBD and Delta digested?

Taking under the tongue, like with strips, is almost immediate. Taking by mouth means it gets subject to stock acid degradation (except of maxImpact CBD avoids acids) and then takes longer and ingredients are degraded and in turn mostly absorbed by small intestines

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