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Our story

At Supplements With Science™, our passion for science-driven natural wellness fuels everything we do. We welcome you to join us on this journey toward a healthier, more balanced life with CBD and Delta 8.

Why we do it

We are dedicated to delivering premium natural wellness solutions and relief to problems such as pain, uneasiness, sleep issues, general wellness etc… Our CBD for some can really be like a multivitamin. What sets our products is using premium ingredients with faster and higher absorption rate.

CBD market is over supplied and mis-marketed. We believe in transparency and want you to trust what you’re putting into your body. Our pricing is value-based but not the cheapest nor the most expensive on the market. We invest into making quality products not expensive marketing campaigns.

Our Mission

At Supplements With Science, we’re on a mission to redefine wellness through innovative Isolate CBD solutions. Backed by rigorous research, our USA-made products deliver enhanced absorption, integrity, and quality. Empowering your journey to health and balance is our commitment and passion.

“I’ve been wary of using CBD as it’s hard to know what product performs well and who you can trust. MaxImpact™ addresses both aspects and has helped me and my family and now even my friends. Most of us had tried CBD before with varying results but MaxImpact™ is clearly the best one for relieving serious pain”

Colleen Sugden

Maximpact™ user

Who we are

sws founder

Drew Edwards

Says Owner and CEO Drew Edwards, “People are overwhelmed with thousands of CBD brands where most have poor quality ingredients. FDA and health organization’s reports (i.e. John Hopkins 07/20/22) show many products are mislabeled with wrong ingredients, wrong amounts, make false claims, use poor quality of CBD, or have little or no CBD in them. MaxImpactTM is simply a premium CBD product that offers the fastest absorption which in turn offers the fastest relief.”


Brides against breast cancer Charity

We will donate 10% of our profits to Brides Against Breast Cancer Charity (since 1997) which is a national 501c3 charity. There are various reports stating that CBD may help with cancer conditions or with reducing stress which may in turn reduce cortisol levels (where mental stress can impact physical conditions including relapse of cancer).

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